Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Unboxing: QanBa Q4RAF 3 in 1

Hey guys,

Well first of all I want to say is that this post is not even related to me. This post is dedicated to my roommate, Alan. I know...awwwwwwwwwww...whatever~ Yesterday, he bought this really cool arcade stick controller. Have any of you guys heard the QanBa Q4RAF 3 in 1? I think it's the best one so far (I think...). It's compatible for XBox 360, PS3 & PC (waddaya think 3 in 1 means?). Well I don't know how to explain it much 'coz I'm more into shooting or simulation kind of games :P
So anyway, after he brought it home, I asked him if he wanna to the 'unboxing' video like those videos on YouTube? He agreed...

PS: This video was unscripted. So I'm sorry if he didn't explain much about he's new toy.

Anyway thanks for reading ma post! YOU'RE AWESOME!!!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Vlog 2: Penang!

So last Saturday (16/7/2011), I went to Penang with few of my close friends. Dunno wat to explain here coz I have a VLOG for that! LOL...so lame hahaha

Yeah well there's a minor error in the video. You see the link that I've shared in the video? Well I tot it would be cool if can put the YouTube's annotation link on the video. But t turns out u can't add an outside link in your annotation.....BUMMER! Wish I'd known that before I uploaded it on YouTube :(

But anyway, here's the link for the event's website;

(Just click the image above. It'll take u str8 to the website)

So thx again for reading my post! You're AWESOME!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Friday, 15 July 2011

Life's Side Quest (1) - Achieved

My so close - Life's Side Quest (1) is achieved! Fuhh what a therapy! I've just re-activated my Facebook account and I found the same things that ppl post2 on their wall. Annoying emo dramas about their lives -___-" For some reason I dun think that Facebook is really that interesting anymore. LOL THX TO THE THERAPY HAHAHA. Anyway, now I can admit; "I CAN SURVIVE AND WILL SURVIVE WITHOUT FACEBOOK ACCOUNT ^_^Y" -- but I did re-activated it back LOL
But now I'm kinda addicted with Twitter o_O" gulp~

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Durian Hunting

Hey guys,

So last weekend aku stayed kat rumah Alan kat Ulu Langat. Sbb Alan ajak durian hunting tgh tgh mlm kat dusun parents dier. Aku ON jer sbb xder bender nak wat pon. Plus, durian hunting sounded cool sbb xpernah wat. Sampai2 rumah Alan pon dah lewat mlm skit, so trus wat hunting as planned. Fun, but a bit scary gak sbb tkot kner headshot ngan durian2 tuh, LOL. So anyway, I managed to record my experience of DURIAN HUNTING~ Here it is;

Adalah a few durian yg dpt collect mlm tuh. Sedap lak tuh (although aku xsuker bau durian..LOL). Thanks a million for parents Alan sbb bg aku stay saner for the weekends. Appreciated it ^__^

Thx 4 reading ma post! YOU'RE AWESOME!

Sunday, 10 July 2011


A quick post;

Ader x teman2 MMU...grad or still studying yg ada Steam Account? If so come-LAH join steam group aku. TEEHEE :P
Click the image above to go to the group's steam profile :)

Aku xtau la if MMU ader atau x official group kat Steam. Group yg aku wat nih sajer jer sbb nak add dak2 MMU yg kenal so leh join main game skali. Lagipon ader yg dah grad n ader yg blum. So nih kire other way to keep in touch la..cewah hahaha.

Oh, by the way kalu yg pikir duit (bli game kat Steam) sbb tuh xder Steam account, game Team Fortress 2 dah free dah. So aper lagi *wink wink*

For those yg dah join, thx sgt2 for joining. YOU'RE AWESOME...LOL

Monday, 4 July 2011

Life's Side Quest (1)

Hey guys,

Kinda bored with life after FYP (final year project). So I was thinking of something out of the norm to do daily or monthly or..watever...like quests. Just to spice things up a bit in ma life. Hhihihihi...ala bajet dlm game..boleh la kan hihihi. So aku pon xsure nak wat quest mcm mner. Luckily, my roomate, Alan bg challenge kat aku (dier pon wat gak...super cool la kau Alan haha).

Try to survive 10 Days or More without FACEBOOK!

Yup without Facebook. Lately Facebook's kinda a must do in life. Sbb sikit-sikit nak Facebook...sikit-sikit nak Facebook..Alan pon naik bosan ngan aku hahaha. So jadi la QUEST nih hihi.
So the 10 days without Facebook has begun :P This is fun...in a geeky way..haha. Oh and for those in the pictures above. Is it true ya'll will miss meh or Facebook yg tulis? HAHAHA Sho Shweet :P

Anyway, hope dapat wat quest nih n thx guys for reading ma post! YOU'RE AWESOME!!!

Sunday, 3 July 2011


Yeah..got ma hair done..thx to ma mommy yg super duper baik hati lanjer gi gunting rambut. Now ma head can breath easily without all the hair in this hot n sweaty weather..LOL
Not the exact mohawk that I wanted but. This will do until Hari Raya :"> Oh n by the way, I got hit on by 2 of the hairdresser in the saloon. OMG OMG....blush blush..hahahaha....bitch pleaseee hahahahaha

My posts are getting boring....LOL..watever..thx 4 reading ma port.YOU'RE ASAM!! LOL


Meet Mr. Bitey (aka. Chokolat) & Mr. Jaba (aka. Kunying). My furry pals :) Bought them at Ikano Powercenter last November..2010 :) All grown up now......ma babies :">
Mr. Bitey (aka. Chokolat)
Mr. Jaba (aka. Kunying)
Video piggies berak merata bler happy..haha.

Anyway, thx again for reading ma post! YOU'REEEEE AWESOME!!!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Jubeat ユビート

Hey guys,

Have you ever heard of this new (not really that new...but new for me..lol)arcade machine called Jubeat? Yes? No?...Maybe?...Dunno? LOL. Well Jubeat is actually an arcade music video game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan, and is a part of Konami's Bemani line of music video games. The series uses an arrangement of 16 buttons in a 4x4 grid for gameplay, a grid also used for the displaying of cues and part of the user interface. So basically, it's a tapping kind of game. Unfortunately, we dun have the original machine here in Malaysia. What we do have is the so called "Jubeat-Malaysia-Edition" or the original name is Eagic. It's pretty much similar to the original Jubeat. The only few differences are, the song choices and the speed-ness of the program used to operate the machine.
I've played the Jubeat-Malaysia-Edition or Eagic before and I have to say. It's not really that bad actually. Kind of addictive haha. I've played it at The Mines' arcade centre. Really.....really addictive :P
Anyway, here's my buddy Alan playing the game. Tapping to one of Super Junior's hit song :P;

Dun mind the score ek. This was his first try and I have to say...not that bad...compared to my score..LOL

No you can download Jubeat into your iphone/ipod/ipad (ipad better :P) at the Japanese App Store ^__^

Well, thx again for reading my post. YOU'REEEEEEEEEEEEEE AWESOME!!!!


Hey guys,

Well on this post I wanna share with you guys this really super-cool app for the apple portable gadgets(iphone/ipod/ipad). It's called the iSuper8. No it's not an app made for the movie Super 8. It's a video recording app that uses authentic vintage Super 8 film filters. Meaning adding old school effects and film-burn. The resulting film becomes a unique and retro masterpiece. Here's a sample; it's actually a random video that I've recorded few days back :)

If you wanna download it from the app store, here's the link: iSuper8
Thx again guys for reading ma post! YOU'RE AWESOME!!!

Game Sharing Session (1)

Hey guys,

Sorry dah lama x update blog nih. Been busy -- playing Team Fortress 2 kat Steam :"> Last weekend tetiber dpt tau yg Steam offer game Team Fortress 2 free to play. Apa lagi download la!! Mmg tekun main game tuh. Ye la dulu nak bli xder duit...nak download bosan xleh online. Tp maser aku main game tuh ramai gler xpuas hati sbb diorunk dah lama main n kner bayar....MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
The first 1 minute of the game aku main ramai ckp aku FROOB (Free-to-play-noob). Adeh~ xpsl2...nama pon bru main..xkan trus pro..anyway, best main game dier n korunk leh donwload gak (since it's free) kat Steam. Join aku wat group FROOB hahahaha

Ps; Nih link ke website steam tuh: steampowered.com

Peace yo! Thx 4 reading ma post!!