Monday, 23 May 2011

Bad Medical Expenses

Hey guys,

Well as I said in my last post that I am not feeling well, actually it was worse than I thought. Yesterday between 2.30 am and 3 am, I got sudden asthma attack. Well I do have asthma recently. But yesterday it's like the worse one I ever had. My inhaler not seem to be working and I felt like dying coz of short breathing. Luckily my housemate was there to drive me to any clinic that was open during that hour and almost NONE open that night. Even the 24 hours clinics! I know..WTF right? So we drove around Putrajaya for about half an hour just to find a clinic that was actually open. Luckily one was open in Precincts 9. A clinic named; Poliklinik Sri Permai. So I went in and consult with the doctor inside....and bla bla bla....he gave me a few pills and the cos was RM80...FREAKING EIGHTY BUCKS! WTF~~~~~ Costy gler! Had to borrowed my friend's 20 bucks...thx bud :"> Anyway....RM80?! What if there's a really poor person and is really really sick. How the hell will he/she is going to pay for those medical stuff? And the pills....not really that good, cause I'm still not feeling well. Deng~

Well anyway thx for reading my EMO post! YOU'RE AWESOME! Peace~

Saturday, 21 May 2011

And so it begins

Hey! I'm back to blogging again! It's been awhile since I stop blogging my my old blog ( // still up actually. Been wanting to start blogging again but have been busy with stuff. So anyway..NOW I'm back! Oh and here's my official first vlog:

I've done vloging before but that was a one time only and it was for fun that me and my roommate in my hostel done it. :) This was unscripted though. Just plugged in my webcam and started blabbering in front of it. Oh by the, I've also put up some Facebook 'Like' buttons in my post(s). You guys can click it just to show you're support to me :) ....thank god there's no 'DISLIKE' button hehehehee

Thanks for reading my post and visiting my blog! You're AWESOME!!!!